Defining Writing Moments in my Life

1) The Matrix Research Essay
     This is a piece of writing that had stuck with me for many years.  In seventh grade I wrote a research easy on the movie The Matrix and the work/process that went into creating the movie. I have kept the essay all these years because it reminds me of my technical capability (even at a younger age) and of the enjoyment I get from communicating through writing,  whether that be through fact or fiction. I wrote this essay for my seventh grade English class.  I vaguely remember dictating the essay to my mother because I couldn’t type day enough on a computer, but the content and word choice was all mine. 
2) Les Chimeras Analysis Essay
     This was an essay that I wrote for my senior year IB English class. It is an analysis of a collection of poems.  The teacher was a notorious hard grader and I got an excellent grade on the essay.  It was a defining moment because I could see a new level of achievement in my writing style and technique.  It also show my ability to analyze and explore different forms of literature.
3) Creative Poetry Collection
     I took a creative writing class when I was twenty.  The class pushed me to test my creative writing skills and although I think I did ok with my short story,  my collection of poems defined my writing in a truer way.  The poems expressed a variety of styles and themes as well as displaying intense imagery and emotion.  These poems show me that I can be creative and explore self-expression.
4) Collection of Moments
    I have a hard time writing full stories.  The complicated nature of good story telling often escapes be.  But I discovered that if I write moments (snapshot images or intriguing moments) I get to flex and explore my creative writing without the frustration and pressure of creating a whole story.  I began writing these when I was twenty and continue today. I write these for my own enjoyment and to share with my friends and family.  They are theoretically all a part of a larger universe and a larger story,  but I have yet to unweave the tapestry in my mind so that I can tell the story.


One thought on “Defining Writing Moments in my Life

  1. Hey Sarah, I really loved how you talked about your touchstone moments as a journey, and that as you found the different parts of yourself as a writer and put them together, you really came to think of yourself as a writer. I love that you were able to recognize your achievement as a critical reader and analyst of writing — that’s not something many people get to do! 🙂


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