Just Some Study That I Used To Know

As a student it can be hard to see why you have to learn certain things.  As a teacher it can be frustrating to see students uninterested in topics,  that although they may not be vitally important to survival in the  21st century, are none the less important or interesting to learn about.  Learning about new topics even if the specific item isn’t used later in life,  can teach the brain how to access information in new and different ways as well as opening the mind to new ideas and areas of study.

Although I may not personally have a use for the Pythagoreum theorem in my daily life,  it teaches me to approach problems in a new manner and to apply logic in the face of an issue.  If you do not enjoy the topic you are studying,  at least enjoy the experience of learning.  Opening up your mind to new ideas and new pathways can only help you grow as a learner and as a person.


One thought on “Just Some Study That I Used To Know

  1. What impact do you anticipate that these realizations as a student will have on your work as a teacher, especially when they don’t necessarily connect to reading and writing as valuable processes? (even though we secretly know that English is THE subject of all subjects!)


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