Thoughts on Webquests

In my 12+ years of education i have completed many webquests designed around a variety of content areas, skill sets, and topics. However this was my first time creating one. First i want to note that a lot more effort goes into creating a webquest than i think most students realize. It involves a lot of research on the teacher’s part to find the right websites and tools for students to use to reach the educational goal.

I also never appreciated the vast range of skills that a webquest forces a student to use. Most webquests involve research, analyzing, and some creative component by default. But webquests can be tailored to literally any content, topic, or purpose. This means that you can use a webquest to teach students pretty much anything or any skill that they might need. You can use webquests to learn about characters, authors, scientific processes, mathematical skills, grammar, vocabulary, research and paper writing, music theory, history, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Webquests are also great because they often involve the students getting creative, either during their research or with their final product. Students can take on roles and pretend to be a historical figure, or a reporter, geographer, author, economist, etc. and use that lens to learn about different opinions and sides of a particular argument or event.

I think that a webquest is a great tool for almost any classroom given that the teacher has prepared a thoughtful lesson. I think that webquests provide students with a lot of opportunities to be creative, independent, research, and collaborate with other students.


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