Dear Me: Thoughts as a Developing Writer

Dear Me,

You have always considered yourself to be an excellent and capable writer, and that’s completely true. However i would ask you to consider that you can still improve and grow as a writer, no matter how good you are at it now. I know that you can write a good essay or personal reflection in minutes flat, but creative works and personal stories take a bit longer. I also know that you’ve been meaning to branch into vlogging for years now. Just DO IT (insert Shia Lebouf here).


I ask that you consider taking on several poses over the coming semesters and years.

As a creative writer, a poet, story-teller, or what-have-you, i ask that you try to tap into your creative and imagination centers. I ask that you do not take the easy route and lift ideas from your favorite novels or authors. I know it’s hard to write a beginning, middle, and end, so don’t start there, start with anything. A setting, a character, an idea, anything. Just write. I want you to really try to come up with new characters and stories that are unique and important to you. That doesn’t mean you can’t borrow other people’s ideas or perspectives, but you can’t just copy-paste. You have to make it your own. Vlogging isn’t what everyone would call writing, but it’s another form of communication. Scripting a vlog is very different from a blog, essay, or short story. I ask that you give it your best shot. Don’t just wing it in front of the camera. Give yourself some talking points, write it out, run it by other people, have a purpose and a reason behind saying what you are saying. I think that if you just took a chance on yourself and gave it a shot you would find that you are more than capable of producing riveting stories, poems, essay, blogs, vlogs, and anything else you put your mind to.

I also ask that you become an editor. Don’t be afraid of coming back, editing, and reviewing your own work. It can always be improved and you can always add new and interesting ideas to your work. Of course there is a point where you have to call it good and let go of the piece, but i know that you tend to just leave it one and done. Please come back to your writing and please make editing your habit. It will only improve your work.

Best wishes and regards,



One thought on “Dear Me: Thoughts as a Developing Writer

  1. Maria Popova (who apparently has read/viewed/collected everything interesting that has ever been written) maintains a daily blog that I think you would really like. She’s collected some great advice from famous writers over many years that reminds me of some of what you say here — plus, she covers art and photography). You should check it out:


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