The Invisible Audience

When you write a paper, article, tweet, etc. who do you write for? My guess is like me, you’ve never really thought about it before. Do we all write for a nameless, faceless mass of humanity, waiting patiently in the void to read your work? I guess i never really considered who i was writing for all these years. In school you always write for the teacher or your classmates. There are clear parameters regarding the information that you are supposed to provide within your essay or speech. I never thought to consider that i might be writing for someone else.

So who do i write for then? Certainly i write for more than my teachers and peers. Do i write for myself? Most definitely, i find writing to be a great way to organize and work through my own thoughts. Getting it down on paper is one of the sure-fire ways to make sure that i know what i want to say and how I’m going to say it. But whether i realized it or not i was writing for more than myself. I write because I want others to listen to and discuss my ideas. I write because i think that i have something interesting and important to say. I write because i’m just so excited about an idea that i just have to tell someone. I’ve never put a face or a name to my invisible audience. If i had to i guess it would be my mother. She is a woman who i know will read for content and for style. She not only appreciates what i have to say, but how i say it. I know that when she reads my writing that she is open to ideas and ready to learn about new perspectives. She is willing to open up a dialogue about my ideas and writing style. That is who I’m writing for. An open-minded individual, ready and wiling to learn and discuss new or interesting ideas about anything from education to the red carpet.

I think that I’m going to try giving my audience a name and a face. Maybe it will focus my writing and help me grow as a writer. Maybe it will give me purpose and reason to say what i have to say. It will certainly be interesting to see how writing to a specific person/audience will change how and what i write. Or maybe it won’t at all. At any rate, it can’t be any worse than writing for an invisible man.


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