As i continue to move forward with my UGP i find that i keep changing my ideas and direction for the project. I thought that i wanted to use still images to represent my touchstone beliefs as a writer, but i have recently decided to use cinemagraphs instead. For those of you who don’t know a cinemagraph is a still image which contains a moving element. For exampleLincoln_Cinemagraph_615



I find cinemagraphs to be thought-provoking and cause the viewer to pause and reconsider their expectations. I think that this better represents what i hope to show with my UGP. I think that a moving image will better represent the process of writing. A static image would have a harder time conveying the motion, cyclical, and never-ending process of writing and learning. Like i mentioned above, i also think that a cinemagraph will do a better job of causing the viewer to stop and think about the images and ideas presented to them.

I know this is a shorter blog, but i’m pressed for time. If i want to create a set of cinemagraphs i have to get moving. If i’m not too lazy i’ll try to post my finished product to the blog.


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