Technology in Education

Integrate. integrate. integrate. That’s all i hear whenever the words “education” and “technology” pop up in the same sentence. As up-and-coming teachers, we are all constantly told to integrate technology into our classroom. This is supposedly for the student’s and our own benefit. And to a large extent it is. When laptops are available, wifi is on, and the student’s are paying attention, integrating technology into the classroom can be very helpful and eye-opening. Meeting student’s on their own “territory” so to speak and working within the connected expectations of our 21st century culture is necessary to create lasting and working relationships with students and to prepare them to work in a modern, technologically based, society.

But not everyone has access to technology. When school’s can’t afford computer labs, let alone individual student laptops, how are teachers supposed to take advantage of all the learning opportunities that modern technology gives us? Some school’s can’t afford up-to-date textbooks or music programs, how can they justify thousands of dollars for students to be checking facebook or youtube when they should be on a webquest, when the school can’t provide basic educational needs to its students? Though technological integration is important, we must take into account the availability of said technology and set our standards accordingly.


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