The Classroom Experience

There’s nothing more exciting as a teacher, than being in your classroom. That’s the whole point isn’t it? All the hours of prep, planning, certification, all the nervousness and excitement that you have felt about teacher culminates in the classroom. At least that’s where i love to be.

I haven’t had much experience on the teacher’s side of the classroom. Two semesters under my belt is not as much preparation as you think it would be, and even though i’m not in the classroom this semester, i hope to return next one. What i loved most about being in the classroom was talking with the kids. Whether it was about school, superheroes, The Walking Dead, or literally any other topic under the sun, i loved getting to know the kids and connecting with them. Kids have this magical way of looking at the world with completely different eyes than you. They’re younger, freer, and excited to take in all that the world has to offer. The danger of growing older is becoming habitual, not taking the time to shake things up, or change your routine because it’s physically and mentally hard to challenge your own notions of what is right. Kid’s don’t have that fear. Kids aren’t afraid to discuss new ideas or to try things they’ve never done before.

What i love most about teaching, and what i remember most about being in the classroom, was the way that kids see the world, a mind focused on what could be, rather than what is. Though it’s a cliche through and through, what i love about teaching is how the kids inspire you. They inspire you to do more for yourself and them. To plan better, to teach better, to read better, to write better. The great part about being a teacher is that you never have to stop learning. Though you are no longer turning in homework or sitting in a desk, notebook at the ready, you are still learning, still growing, still experiencing all the variety that the world has to offer. The classroom is not a one-way street, knowledge flows both ways, and although i have much to teach, i have just as much to learn.


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