The Leadership Compass

I’ve always had a thing for personality tests. Even though i know you can’t really take a personality test at face value because it’s all subjective, i still tend to place a good amount of stock in the results. On the other hand, i always feel like all outcomes are applicable to me. To a certain extent, this is true for everyone, but time and time again, i see myself fitting into multiple categories rather than snugly into one.

Such is the case with the Leadership Compass Self Assessment. I really did my best to be absolutely honest and only check things that i really do MOST of the time, not just SOME of the time, but i still found myself checking off pretty much every box. My results are as follows:

  • North/Action – 8
  • East/Vision – 10
  • South/Empathy – 10
  • West/Analytical – 10

I feel like if the questions had been mores specific, or if they did a better job of hiding the lead, that i might have come up with different results, but as it is i scored pretty evenly across the board. I think that this speaks pretty accurately to my personality as leader. I am capable of both leading and following, i intuitively understand people and larger thematic issues, while being able to think logically and analytically about them. Though i am introspective and reflective, i also look to the future and attempt to make decisions that will positively influence my future. I always try to incorporate all perspectives and opinions, but am not afraid to voice my own and take charge if i feel it’s necessary. I really feel as though i am capable of leading in multiple styles. I’ve been told that i have a natural affinity for reading the room and ¬†understanding my place in it given the circumstances and people involved. The one thing i would really want to work on is letting go. By that i mean letting other’s take charge without following or leading, simply letting others work without my input. This is probably my biggest weakness. I do like to make my voice heard in either a contributory or leadership role, and have a hard time letting others completely take over. I also like things to be done a certain way if my name is going to be attached to them and this can also make me difficult to work with.



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